One Year Project by ADX

Architectural design office ADX has completed One Year Project. Located at the base of Bandai-san mountain, in Inawashiro, Japan, the project is a second house for a family living in the city. Consisting of two blocks connected by a bridge, the house totals 52m² (560ft²).

“One year project” as the name indicates “move with times” which means that it took entire one year to experience the whole process such as tree cutting, sawing, fabrication, and assembling together with nature. At its heart, a house building is expected to be succeeding each process through dialogue with nature. In general, the process of cutting tree is done in the depth of winter to draw the maximum material performance. And then lumbers are seasoned for half a year or three years at most. Average construction period is about four months for general housing project nowadays, compare to the recent work situation, the one year preparation period could be quite a long time. However, the length of time we spent in this project make many stories created by people involved in each process of cutting, sawing, processing, delivery, and assembling and planting trees at the site.




Photographs by Ryoo, In Keun
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