nIce House in Rural Iceland by Minarc

Minarc has designed a house in rural Iceland. The family retreat, named nlce House, measures 1500ft² (140m²) and was completed in 2011.

To create a serene family sanctuary that harmoniously connects inhabitants with the surrounding natural environment by combining the most sustainable, eco -friendly materials and energy efficient technologies with minimalist architectural design. The house is located in the beautiful a rural town of Iceland, a low-developed region committed to the preservation of its beautiful natural scenery and resources. The design intent embodies Iceland’s respect for the environment, while many countries promote sustainable building; this is our heritage-our national ethos. Implements mnmMOD, a new construction technique developed by Minarc. This modular building system brings the economy and waste-reduction of pre-fab to the elegance and infinite possibility of custom design.

— Minarc


Photographs by Torfi Agnarsson
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