MMMMMS House by Anna & Eugeni Bach

Located in the Spanish village of Camallera, MMMMMS House is a low energy home designed by Anna & Eugeni Bach in 2014. The house is designed to comply with the local building regulations, the main aim of which is to lead new buildings to look like old rural houses, known as Catalan Masias.

The aim of the project was not to think of the “masia” as an isolated building, but as one that makes sense in a rural landscape and on the agricultural land. The traditional Catalan house would not make sense without its true agricultural context; even less when there are 20 similar houses in an area of just 10 hectares.

Therefore, rather than portraying a traditional rural house, the project looks for another type of a relationship to the countryside, making a connection to the farm storages around this area.

The spatial organisation of the house follows the logic of a warehouse, generating a large volume within which smaller units are placed, to offer intimacy. Bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are placed in “boxes” inside the “storage”. Between these, crossed views and circulations offer direct relationships to the landscape around the house.

— Anna & Eugeni Bach




Photographs by Eugeni Bach
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