La Binocle – Blackened Wood Cabins by NatureHumaine

La Binocle is a holiday home comprised of two blackened wood cabins. The cabins clad in burnt wood have a total floor area of 888ft² (85m²). Set into a rocky cape in the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada, La Binocle was designed by NatureHumaine in 2018.

The first module contains the living areas while the second has two bedrooms. By accompanying the natural slope of the ground, their sloping roofs reinforce the sensation of sliding over the cliff. The entrance forms an in-between space between the modules that are oriented differently from each other’s.

The overhanging roofs on the south facade emphasize the view while limiting solar gain during the hot season. On the side, a wooden platform located in continuation of the kitchen is oriented west towards the sunset. The burnt wood use on the facades and the pre-woven hemlock planks result in a natural palette for the exterior envelope.

— NatureHumaine



Photographs by Adrien Williams
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