Kudhva Wilderness Cabins by New British Design

Ben Huggins and New British Design have designed four unique wilderness cabins called “Kudhva” that mean hideout in Cornish. Set in Tintagel, Cornwall, United Kingdom, the shelters have a floor area of only 5m² (54ft²). The cabins were completed in 2018 and are now available to rent.

The project forms part of a wider long-term strategy for creative reuse of the quarry. The Kudhva are a physical manifestation of the client’s approach to natural living. The cabins are made predominately from wood, chosen to act as a lightweight counter to the site’s industrial past. The natural habitat is ecologically rich, therefore the cabins have been designed to touch lightly on the land. The cabins have been designed to be totally off-grid and are temporary structures that can be moved around the site or removed in years to come.

— New British Design



Photographs by George Fielding, Roy Riley
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