House in Mukainada by FujiwaraMuro Architects

Located in a residential area of Hiroshima, Japan, House in Mukainada is small scale 83-sqm house with a concrete planted walkway. Owned by an elderly couple with a passion for gardening, the house was designed by FujiwaraMuro Architects in 2015.

Clients desired a house suitable for an elderly couple where gardening could be enjoyed. They also wanted a large space to be able to run a variety store and host a gallery or workshop in future.

Therefore, we proposed a house with a planted walkway outside of the house. Outside of the house, we created wide rounded-shape earthen floor (doma) connected to the house. By planting flower and trees in and around the earthen floor (doma), the walkway appears.

— FujiwaraMuro Architects

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Toshiyuki Yano
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