Gama Issa V2.0 by Studio MK27

Studio MK27 has renovated and expanded Gama Issa, a house designed by it in 2001. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the extended residence, called Gama Issa V2.0, has an area of 827m² (8,902ft²).

The original white house remained this way, being complemented by a palette of gray materials, from the darkest basalt stone of the stairs to the lightest gray of the wood of the new facades, passing through the wood floor which was dyed in an intermediary tone of gray.

The clients have very good eyes and are very creative. They already had the habit of changing the furniture from time to time and helped a lot to re-compose the interiors and even the landscaping. Usually, every client participates in the interior design, especially the decoration. But these clients did more than just participate; they conceived whole parts of the house, with a lot of quality. It couldn’t be different, considering their creative profile and the clear references they have.

— Studio MK27



Photographs by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
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