Estrade Residence | Lake House by MU Architecture

Estrade Residence is a lake house designed by MU Architecture in 2015. Situated on the shore of Lac de la Cabane in St-Adolphe d’Howard, Quebec, Canada, the residence measures 3600 ft² (335m²).

The singular topography of the project takes the form of a rocky crest that plunges into the lake. In order to create a discovery path, a series of animated volumes come to anchor, skirt or levitate on this unevenness. Their staggered and superimposed layout generates a multitude of terraces that embrace the site. This deployment creates a rich dialogue between architecture and the wild landscape.

The Estrade gives birth to long walls of natural stones which seem to be born from the depth of the ground. As they seem to project themselves towards the landscape, these long walls generate and protect the apartments on the ground floor while giving users direct access to the land bellow. The rocks extracted during excavation were reused in the landscaping around the house, becoming also actors of this architectural narrative.

— MU Architecture



Photographs by Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard ( YUL Photo)
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