E20 House by Steimle Architekten



Steimle Architekten completed E20 House in 2017. Located on a quiet street with little traffic in the village of Pliezhausen, Germany, the house has a total floor area of 376m² (4,047ft²).

Facing the street, the new building presents only a few openings cut deeply into the solid concrete shell. While the crystal-shaped house still relates to the existing built context due to its parallel elongated sides, it contrasts distinctly with the neighboring buildings by virtue of the tapered ends formed by its shorter sides. It is this oblique arrangement of the facades that enables the building to open out to the surrounding outdoor spaces and to offer its inhabitants unexpectedly expansive views in the distance. A conventional gable roof and the gently rising terrain reinforce the angular, sculptural effect of the house, which is designed on a hexagonal ground plan.

— Steimle Architekten



Photographs by Brigida González
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