Chapel of Silence by STUDIO associates

Designed by STUDIO associates, the Chapel of Silence is a place of worship, silence, and prayer for members of different religious beliefs. Entirely made of bitumen-coated wood, the black cabin is six meters long, six meters high and three meters wide. Set on the top of a valley in Brescia, Italy, the chapel was completed in 2017.

The arrival to the Chapel is preceded by a long uphill walk, on a trail that runs all along the vineyard

Once at the entrance, you are welcomed in the Chapel that is suspended from the ground, by a monolithic element made of Botticino’s marble and excavated on the surface. This element serves also as a rainwater collector.

The first space, longitudinal, leads to a fragment of the wood, framed by an iron opening that emotionally prepares the “prayer” for what is to come, and introduces a measured bond with nature.

The second space, the main one, made of the small assembly that frames the outer forest and a three meters high menhir made of Botticino’s marble. This space was designed to be interpreted freely by the “prayer”.

Therefore, there is no pre-constituted assembly, but only some large dark leather pillows that may be arranged as desired. A black curtain also regulates the levels of intimacy with the outside as required.

— STUDIO associates



Photographs by STUDIO associates
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