Box House | Home with Movable Walls by FCstudio

Box House is a two-storey, one-bedroom home built by young Brazilian architect Flavio Castro of FCstudio for himself in 2017. Located in Planalto Paulista, state of São Paulo, Brazil the house can be fully opened to the outdoors thanks to movable walls.

As you pass through the front gate of Corten steel, you come to a hall from which you can read, for the first time, the volumetry of the whole project and the differentiation of the program through the choice of materials. The opaque box, which before seemed to be heavy, rests in a glass box on the ground floor and makes it appear to float On the ground floor, the sliding glass doors allows a visual integration with the garden. Here is a social part (living) in a functional way. The second floor contains the private area (suite, TV room) that determined the outer covering of the residence: miniwave panels. The different possibility of openings controls sunlight, acoustic and safety. On the rooftop, the garden completes the program and establishes a distinct relationship with the surroundings. It’s like a belvedere.

— FCstudio

Plans and schemes:

Axonometric plans:

Sunlight plans:


Photographs by Pedro Kok
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