Boathouse by Cibinel Architecture

Canadian firm Cibinel Architecture has designed Boathouse for a client who was needed boat parking and year-round storage and wanted a space for day and night time lounging and entertainment. Situated at the edge of a densely forested north-facing slope with dramatic cliff faces, the Boathouse has a total floor area of 2,500ft² (232m²).

The resulting design is playfully expressed through vertical and horizontal planes constructed of steel and finished in wood. Flanked on the east and west by cantilevers that evoke the sleekness of watercraft, The Boathouse celebrates the experience of arrival as visitors steer their boats in. Half sheltered and complete with a sliding mosquito curtain, the upper deck is the focal point of social gathering and lake-life lounging where the great outdoors can be fully enjoyed.

— Cibinel Architecture



Photographs by Jerry Grajewski
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