Backwater | Eco-House on the Norfolk Broads by Platform 5 Architects

Backwater is a 165-square-metre (1776-square-foot) eco-house in the Norfolk Broads, in Norfolk, a county in East Anglia, England. Clad in black-stained timber shingles the home overlooking a private lagoon was designed by Platform 5 Architects in 2016.

The house sits on a small promontory in a secluded lagoon in the Norfolk Broads and offers a contemporary counterpoint to more traditionally designed neighbouring houses, while respecting the peaceful natural setting. It is arranged as three low rise bays beneath a series of pitched roofs, which are reminiscent of nearby boat sheds.

The house is clad in black-stained timber shingles, a traditional material forming a unifying ribbon element that emphasises its classic Broads silhouette. On the lagoon elevation, extensive glazing gives a more transparent appearance from the waterfront, and a deep canopy creates a sheltered outdoor area where you can enjoy the setting and the elements.

— Platform 5 Architects



Photographs by Alan Williams
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