CAP – Old Photo Studio in Paris Converted into Two Prestigious Duplexes

CAP is a project of renovation designed by AAVP Architecture and completed in 2016. The architects have converted a 19th-century photo studio in Paris into two prestigious duplexes.

Each apartment is a duplex, whose bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the lower level, while the reception area with its drawing room and kitchen are situated on the le upper level, under the glass roof of what used to be a photographer’s studio. The upper level enjoys double exposure in both apartments. The views from these two vantage points reveal two quite different faces of the Parisian panorama. On the drawing room side, the view includes the gold and prestige of the Opéra Garnier, and the layout of the façades of the Grand Hôtel. From the kitchen side, the viewopens to the chaotic landscape of Paris behind the scenes, its rooftops cluttered with all the required service elements – air conditioning systems, fire
escapes, smoke dampers, etc. – of this functioning urban décor.

— AAVP Architecture

Drawings and Plans:


Photographs by Luc Boegly
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