Westboro Home by Kariouk Associates

Kariouk Associates has designed Westboro Home. Situated on a narrow lot in the downtown of Ottawa, Canada, this single-family home, featured a two-story raised garden courtyard, was completed in 2013.

The garden takes a “bite” out of the tight, permissible building area, however it allowed for an extensive amount of glass that otherwise, due to restrictive building code requirements, would not be possible. The courtyard’s lot-line side remains open, while its three interior sides are filled with windows and bring natural light into the heart of the home on both living floors. The courtyard is filled with ornamental plantings, and while it serves as a “daylight-magnet,” it also serves as a lush, visual focus for each of the primary living spaces of the home.

— Kariouk Associates



Photographs by John Kealey Photography
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