The Mono | Prefab Cabin by DROP Structures

The Mono is prefab cabin measuring a mere 10 square meters (106 square feet) designed by DROP Structures, Canada based design + build firm. There are different options to consider, and the base structure starting at $24,500. Located in Beaver Mines, Alberta, Canada this lakeside cabin was built in 2018.

We designed the Mono to optimize livable space throughout, with a long, linear floor plan, a vaulted ceiling and massive glazed openings. Every detail has been meticulously planned, every material thoughtfully sourced, with the goal of finding the pinnacle where aesthetics and function meet.

With the ability to seamlessly incorporate; desks, various wall and floor textures, and a plethora of other features with ease. The Mono’s ability to transcend a single use function is limited only by your imagination. It’s truly a simplistic ease of use asset, a quick ‘Plug and Play’ addition to your lifestyle. To ensure quality, every Mono is constructed in our controlled shop environment and available FOB from our facility.

— Drop Structures


Photographs by Drop Structures
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