Shapeshifter House by Ogrydziak & Prillinger Architects

Situated in the American desert, in Reno, Nevada, Shapeshifter House is a three-storey family home of 5,900ft² (548m²). Designed by Ogrydziak & Prillinger Architects for two art collectors and dealers Shapeshifter was built in 2014.

SHAPESHIFTER explores slippery form by seeing the ground as a mutable, protean material, an untapped unconscious. We reshaped the site into anticlines and synclines, dunes and blowouts, and gradually the form of the house emerged with the terrain. Then we hardened the form into a regular mesh composed of planar faces. Every edge is entirely shared: no edges terminate in the middle of another edge. This results in a flow of space that supports extreme difference without discontinuities. Elements of the house slide into each other with shifting relationships of fractured symmetries, local axes, and embedded parallelisms. Topologically, the house is spatially slippery, a twisted torus with several secondary and tertiary bubbles of space.

— Ogrydziak & Prillinger Architects


Photographs by Joe Fletcher
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