Lake Cottage | Small Cabin by UUfie

Lake Cottage is an extension to a family house beside the Kawartha Lakes in Bolsover, Ontario, Canada. This 65-sqm (700-sqft) small cabin was designed by UUfie in 2010.

Lake Cottage is a reinterpretation of living in a tree house where nature is an integral part of the building. In a forest of birch and spruce trees along the Kawartha Lakes, the cottage is designed as a two storey, multi-uses space for a large family. The structure composed of a 7 metre-high A-frame pitch roof covered in black steel and charred cedar siding. A deep cut in the building volume creates a cantilever overhang for a protected outdoor terrace with mirrors to further give the illusion of the building containing the forest inside.

— UUfie



Photographs by Naho Kubota
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